1997 Ford Windstar • 186,000 miles

My steering wheel is loose on my van. I not really sure of the problem I believe this could possibly be a lot or nut loose in the inside of it. How can I fix it?
Maxi pad
February 25, 2013.

Have it inspected at a tire and alignment shop. Ford has way too many problems with their steering and suspension systems and you don't want to overlook a part that might be about to separate. A "loose wheel" can mean a lot of different things too. Do you have to turn the steering wheel a lot before the tires start to turn? Do you have tilt wheel and you can move the steering up and down without it locking in one position? Do you just have to keep on correcting the direction of travel? That is a sign of a worn part that could break soon leading to loss of control and a crash.

Feb 25, 2013.