1997 Ford Thunderbird • 300,000 miles

There isn't enough room for the power brake booster to slide out. It hits the inner fender in the engine compartment and won't come out. I hit the car with a tire iron to teach it a lesson but it didn't help. Can you help me please? I won't hit you. I promise.
October 9, 2011.

Steve, Please don't hit me. I have kids. (Lol) If it is hitting the inner fender, can you remove the inner fender? Is it a plastic inner fender?

There has to be an easier way to remove the power brake booster without having to remove the inner fender or the engine. The fender is metal and would be a major job to remove it. Were they smoking "CRACK" when they designed the 1997 T-Bird?

Oct 9, 2011.
Ha. I think they do a lot of things when design these cars that indicate they are on things. Are you able to tap the bolts through the firewall? Would that help get it out?

To remove the power brake booster. Unhook neg. Battery cable. Under dash, remove clip at brake pedal to push rod. Above the rod is a small connector for cruise control switch it pops off easily from the brake pedal.
Next remove master cyl. I put a rag under the lines to catch a bit of fluid. Now the fun part. Remove the vehicle hood. 4 torx bolts hold it on along with disconnect the two hood supports. Next, remove two ea. Wiper arms. Some phillips screws hold the black plastic cowling under the wipers. Remove that and the weatherstrip. Below that is the wiper motor assy. With all the linkage. That needs to be removed. There is a hose to the windshield washer and a nut holding a vacuum line connector to remove.
After all of above is complete there are three nuts holding the booster to the firewall under the dash. Remove these and then disconnect vacuum line to booster if not already unhooked. Pull it forward, and tip it up, it will come out just barely passing by the engine vale cover. (4.6 L),
Probably most time consuming booster I've ever changed in 30+ yrs. Just be patient, lay out the parts removed in sequence and have a fun day.
Hope this helps!

Dec 22, 2012.