1997 Ford Thunderbird • 127,000 miles

I have tried everything and nothing is still working
I have a 97 T-bird 4.6 v8
I have replaced the fan still nothing then I replaced the thermostat, still nothing.
Then I read online that the ccrm was the problem well I got a new one and still nothing my car just sits there and over heats.
Another strange detail is my coolant is cream colored.
I know that mean oil has gotten into it and that means blown head gasket blah blah I know that and I checked that as well with a psi cylinder test and they are all over 150 psi so I don't think that is a blown head gasket.
also my air conditioning still works as well.
i have tried nearly everything if anyone could help thatd be fantastic.
June 28, 2012.

A head gasket problem is one thing but the cooling fans should still work. Replacing components without testing and condeming them is rather expensive and time wasting.

I have the schematics here, see if they are of any help.
Use a test light to ground the Light Green/Purple wire of the CCRM to test if the fan comes on. Have you checked the fuses?

Jun 28, 2012.
Alright ill check those out and I check all the fuses and only the a-60 fuse was blown but replaced that as well.
Would you think its a bad replay to my fan? But ill test that today or later in the week on my next day off.

Jun 28, 2012.
The vehicle works on 2 speeds and the possibility if both fans failing at the same time is rather remote. The ccrm has been replaced so unless you reused the relays or the ccrm is faulty, the likelyhood is not high.

Most probably you have a wiring fault and it could be the PCM or a bad ground circuit.

Jun 28, 2012.