1997 Ford F-150 • 4.6L V8 4WD Automatic • 138,000 miles

My f150 just started to leak oil. Just a few drops. I was told that I had a blown head gasket and it would cost $2000 plus to fix. The oil is on the passenger side on the front of the motor. Before I spend that kind of money, I want to be sure that is the problem. What concerns me is that the drops of oil look normal(no water mixture), it is not overheating and does not smoke. How would oil, that is not under pressure, find its was out of the gasket without encountering a water line and without getting into the cylinder bore?
March 6, 2014.

It can happen but itd run poorly. Did this shop clean off the oil and then run it to make sure where the oil is coming from? If they didn't then you may want to do that yourself. Get some Purple Power degreaser at a parts store and clean all the oil off. Run the truck for a day or two and see how much oil comes out. If youre still in doubt and the truck drives fine, then drive it. If you've got a blown head gasket itll prove itself soon enough. Im not being sarcastic just want to help you be sure without breaking the bank

Thank you

Mar 6, 2014.
Youre most welcome! Let me know what you find