1997 Ford Expedition • V8 4WD Automatic • 200 miles

I just got my drivers side pitman arm changed and the passenger side headlamp cleaned out (it had a bit of water inside it). During these 30 minutes the mechanic did start the car a couple of times with no problem. Then, once completed, the car wouldn't start. It turns, makes a noise, but doesn't start. After a few hours of checking they concluded that the fuel pump needed to be changed. Did that, but still nothing. They then gave up. After 8 hours had to take it to another mechanic (a friend). He noticed the 'theft' light flashing and assumed that this was the reason. Professional locksmith with a computer tried to see if the fault lied in the key but concluded 'no'. Final option, Ford dealers. How many dollars could this cost? Does the on -board computer need resetting? How did it happen?
February 7, 2011.

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