1997 Ford Expedition • V8 4WD Automatic • 138,312 miles

I have a 1997 Ford Expedition that starts, but immediately dies. This has occurred three times approxmimately 1 months apart. The first time it happend, the car was towed to a mechanic and when it arrived, it started and mechanic said he could not find anything wrong. The second time, it eventually started and did not die and was taken to a mechanic. The mechanic replaced the idle control valve. About three days ago same thing happened and have not been able to get in going. Spark plugs, wires, fuel pump and fuel filter were recently replaced.
January 2, 2011.

Is the security light staying on?

No the security light does not stay on. The mechanic eventually replace a part (relay or something like that) and got it started. This was in the week in January. After I drove it for a week it did it again, but eventally started. Have not had any problems since; however, I'm still concerned since it it did once after if was supposedly fixed.

Mar 10, 2011.
I wonder if he replaced the EEC relay. It will shut the fuel pressure and spark to the engine down. If you remember if that was the part, you can feel confident that is should be fine. If it happens again, under the hood in the relay block, you will find it. There are other relays with the same part number you can switch it with to see if that helps. If you can remember the relay he replaced, let me know.