1997 Ford Crown Victoria • 80,000 miles

Our blinkers and emergency flashers are no longer illuminating the dash nor are they emitting
The regular click click sound. Infect, when u engage the signal, it clicks clicks maybe three times then stops without any illumination. We replaced all fuses and bulbs with no success bwe did not locate or test the relays however. Instead, I bought the flasher unit at the recommendation of the Auto Zone
Dealer. They don't have a book for the 97 so were unable to get this. However we consulted
An Expedition manual and it shows the unit to be to the right of the steering unit; underneath the instrument panel. The dealer also looked it up and confirmed it is also in the same position on our Crown Vic. But, I've removed many panels and have not been able to find this flasher unit. Can you
Tell me any differently and also tell me the sequence of instructions to follow so I can locate this and replace it? Even my mechanically oriented wife looked and she agreed. We just can't find it! Help!
Our vehicle is unusable in this state and we are very very frustrated. I know my way around Tractors and Farm equipment yet this has me stumped. I hope you can assist me so my wide will have a car to drive soon again! Perhaps you can enlighten this embarressed Farmer and mechanic!
Thanks with high hopes of hearing you.
Karl Ahrent
September 12, 2011.

I'm showing that your car is equipped with a lighting control module (LCM). You need to take off the lower trip panel on the drives side. It should be located above the accelerator pedal.

Sep 12, 2011.
I have removed entire panels under the trip display and above the
Accelerator pedal and this electronic flasher module is
No where to be found. I find nothing that looks like
The part I was sold which is a grey rectangular little box
Maybe two inches long. Please is there a picture of the area?
Both wife and myself (sometimes another set of eyes u know helps)
But we find nothing. Lots of wires Nd flasher module. It must
Be behind something? Help.

Sep 12, 2011.
Now my husband and I ars thinking we were sold the wrong
Part and we are trying perhaps, to match up the wrong part. Possible?
So he has gone to the part store and try to find if the
Part he was sold is the LCM as u called it. The part he was
Sold was called an electronic flasher module. Same? Wow this
Was supposed to take a half hour and it's now been half
A weekend and hours after work again today. Something
Is amiss. I looked in the expedition manual and it shows
Similar part we bought but they are plugged into
A relay panel inside the hood engine area. Not inside
The car and under the trip panels. Can u send a
Picture of the right part and a pic of the area inside
The crown vic where it goes? I laid packed upside down
Like a sardine so I could visualize the area above the
Accelerator and there are lots of wire cables plugged in. The
Part we have has three prongs on one end. So it seems to
Need to be plugged in. Any ideas?

Sep 12, 2011.
Here is a site that has a picture of one. Click on the picture to see a larger picture. The module is about 5X6 inches and about 2 inches tall.

Sep 12, 2011.
You are showing a completely different part! Logically we would
Start with replacing the bulbs, and check fuses. Those were fine
The next part we were told to try replacing is an 8 dollar part. It is
Called an electronic flasher module. I just went to another store
And they sold me the very same little two in rectangle part.
It OAS three metal prongs on only one end. This is the part
We need to try replacing. Two auto parts stores have sold
Me the very same identical part. If u look in 97-2003
Expedition book even though it is not for expedition, u will see
It is called the electronic flasher unit which says it is
Mounted to the right of the steering column under
The instrument panel. The pic in book shows the
Eight buck rectangle part. It is say a 1x1x2 part with
Three prongs at one end! The auto zone guys bring
The part up for the 97 crown vic. Please can u look to find
Where this is at? They said it was on the right side of
The steering column down under the panel. But we cannot
See anything like this part. Is it possible this part
Is located under the hood and is to be plugged into
A relay panel? We can't find one. Can't find it in the
Trunk either as that is where a 95 model has it. Please we
Are speaking of different parts! A Haynes repair manual
Dor a 95-2003 expedition or ford f150 shows it on
Page 12-3. Can u look?

Sep 13, 2011.
According to the Ford Factory Manual, there is no flasher for a 1997 Crown Victoria. It has the Lighting Control Module. Just for giggles, get some electronic cleaner and spray down around the 4 way flasher ****. Work the flasher a few times to see if it helps any. These switches are bad about failing. Here is a short and sweet diagnostic tree. Check all the things in the order listed.

Damaged multi-function switch.
Damaged lighting control module.
Circuitry open/shorted.
Open fuse junction panel: Fuse 1 (15A)
Fuse 4 (15A)
Fuse 5 (15A)
Fuse 8 (15A)
Bulb burned out.
There is no flasher in the system. Sorry.

Sep 14, 2011.
Thank you! Sorry we had such difficulty. We were confused
Because two different part stores sold us the same part each
Time. You are correct. They were wrong. I finally got the manual
For this model and year and it also explaoned that in 1997
They went to a solid state flasher module (as u had also said)
And u could no longer just replace the ten dollar flasher unit.
Figures! I did try ur fix of lubricating the contacts. I followed
The trouble shootingblist and I also used the books instructions
On how to test for continuity, an open circuit and a short. I wiggled
The module while testing for an open circiut. Eureka! I had an open circuit
At the module. I removed the module and found there was a
Bad circuit. So I replaced the infamous module which I had such
Difficulty locating (since I was looking for the discontinued little
Flasher unit prior year models always used andbwhich the part
Stores had erroneously sold me twice). Thank you for now I
Have blinkers and hazzard flashers too. My wife was right. (She likes
Working on cars and completely restored a volvo 164E before I
Married her; all did it all by reading manuals. Unreal) so
Sometimes I should remember that AND go buy the books
as she advised! Well it has been an "experience" and I
Thank you for hanging in there with an exasperated
Farm Tractor mechanic. We both appreciate your
Assistance. Im sure we will use your service again as
We are inheriting my mothers 2009 Crown Vic which
Only has 8K miles! But im sure it will run well for years
Our 97 model has been a solid performer till now. All it needs
Is continued regular maintenance and it will probably be
With us another ten years. We drive very few miles. And my
Wife advocates staying with a car and fixing the
Little things even if it is old by years but young by
Mileage. She had a Ford Taurus wagon from 1990 thru 2002 with
With 248,000 miles on it. But it ran perfectly so she
Didnt feel the need to get a new one. In 2004 she
Gave it to a friend in need. It is still rolling down the roads
But did have some transmission work I heard. Ford
Makes a good product if u take care of it. We are still
A "All Ford " family. If it works why change?

Sep 16, 2011.
Thanks for keeping an open mind and allowing technology to ruin your wallet. : ) We are glad to be of service and are here to help if needed. I have been fixing Fords since 1984 and have access to all the manuals. Let us know if we can help anytime.

Sep 18, 2011.