1997 Dodge Ram • 5.9L 6 cylinder Turbo 4WD Automatic • 216,500 miles

I have had problems with brake drums wearing uneven and one shoe will be half gone and the other looks new. When braking I get a pulsation from the rear. The brake booster has been replaced, no leaks in the system or fluid of any kind on the drums. This all started about four years ago. The local dodge dealership checked out the truck several times, even had two reps from Detroit come and look at it. Six sets of drums in about four years. Just a normal driver no heavy loads or pulling of a trailer. Do not use the park brake ever. Any ideas of what the heck is going on. 97 ram 2500 5.9 diesel
June 26, 2014.

Hi: With drum brakes, it is common for one to wear faster. One is the primary and the other, the secondary. The secondary basically works with the park brake. Now, what do you mean the drums are worn unevenly? Can you describe what they look like or upload a picture for me to see?

The drums are warping.

Jun 29, 2014.
That is from excessive heat. How much of a drag is on the wheel when you spin them? Does it feel like excessive heat is coming from the rear wheels after driving the vehicle? Are you certain the return springs are put on properly and in good condition?