1997 Dodge Ram • 5.0L V8 4WD Automatic • 180,000 miles

The 4-wheel-drive is not engaging. The Indicator lamp is lit on the dash. The Front drive shaft is turning but there is no power getting to the front wheels, therefore, the front wheels are not turning. No noises are coming from the transfer case. The truck is shifting easily in and out of 4-wheel-drive. It seems to be something with the front axle but I am unsure. I am trying to meet the 200 minimum characters so I am able to submit this. Sorry for all the extra words.
December 5, 2013.

Check the vacuum switch on top of the transfer case. The metal ball gets rusted tight and won't switch to send vacuum to the actuator on the top right of the front axle.

Dec 5, 2013.