1997 Dodge Dakota • 78,500 miles

My 1997 Dodge Dakota will sometimes stall out either at idle or while driving in city traffic. This does not happen that often yet but is is starting to get aggravating. It had a major tune performed back in November, 2012 but that has not helped. Sometimes I go and come without any problems and other times it will stall out before I get out of the parking lot and/or while driving down the street. It has always restarted after about 5-10 seconds in park and I drive on usually with no more problems on that trip. Some suggestions I have heard range from cleaning the IAC & throttle body to checking the fuel pressure regulator, etc. Which is located in the fuel tank of a Dakota. Any suggestion?
February 23, 2013.

Clean the throttle plate on both sides as well as iac hole, then check fule pressure as low pressure can cause this which may be apump

Feb 23, 2013.