1997 Dodge Dakota • 122 miles

97 dakota.122k. Automatic.3.9L.O/d not working. On/off button on shifter will not work. Unplug wiring harness from solenoid inside trans. Turn key on.O/d off & trans temp lights up on dash. Plug harness back in both lts off. Ohm out red wire to ground got tone. Ohm out gray(color?) Wire to ground got tone. Ohm between pins no tone. Ohm out solenoid no tone. The fluid has no burnt smell. Clear red. Was that done correct?Ground fault in wiring, shifter?Thanks for any help.
June 5, 2012.

See if your ground form eninge to battery is any good first. Scan for codes, a pro model will need to do this it should be an orange/white wire from switch to pcm and black to ground at left side of dash. That could be loose. Check to see if pcm is getting a signal from switch

Jun 5, 2012.
Is it not working at all or only when the head lights are on?
If so when the headlights are on, try turning the dimmer all the way down and see if it works then. If it is you may have a Central Timer Module (CTM) Problem, just fixed a similar problem on my 97 dakota

Jun 14, 2012.