1997 Chrysler LHS • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 133 miles

It started getting hot and I changed the thermostat. Did not help, I'm not sure the fans are working and would like to know before I go for the water pump.

should they come on right away? Or do they run related to engine temp

the r fan fuse is good, have not played with the relays

January 24, 2011.

Fans come on when heat is on

Jan 24, 2011.
The fans only run when the engine reaches 212 degrees, and they turn off at 198 degrees. A quick test to see if the entire system is working is to unplug the two-wire coolant temperature sensor. There's a different one with only one wire for the dash gauge. The two-wire sensor is for the Engine Computer.

When you unplug the sensor, the Engine Computer will turn on the radiator fan relay just in case the engine is overheating. The Check Engine light will turn on too and a fault code will be stored in the computer. The light will go off after you restart the engine, and the code will erase after about 50 engine starts.


Jan 24, 2011.