1997 Chevrolet Venture • 168,000 miles

I have a 97 chevy venture van, the battery will only stay charged for a few minutes. It wont take a jump and only stays charged when I take it to the auto parts store and then it stays charged for like 30-45 min. And then it dies again. I have a new 104 amp alternator and my battery is 650 amp, and every time I take it to the auto parts store they say that either the voltage is low or it is the amps. Please help this is trying my husband crazy
September 8, 2012.

First, replace the battery. Then check for 14 to 14.5 volts at the battery when the engine is running


Ther is something draining the battery once its connected in the vehicle.
Try unplugging four or five relays in the fuse box. Wait the usual time and then see if the battery is dead. If not, one of the circuits controlled by the unplugged relays is the problem.
Next, connect a voltmeter to the battery and then install one relay at a time while watching the voltmeter. Once the problem circuit is reconnected the battery voltage will drop slightly. Now you've found the circuit which is draining your battery.
If the first four or five relays that you disconnect don't reveal the problem, try 4 or 5 more until it is found.

If you have an ampmeter with an amps pick-up probe this would work better that the voltmeter in detecting the problem (its more sensitive)

Dec 2, 2012.