1997 Chevrolet Blazer • 100,210 miles

Nice 4X4 Blazer that has been well maintained with 100K. Loud noise low in engine, banging, sounds like a rod or bearing. Still maintains oil pressure and no engine lights on. I've stopped driving it for now. Changed the oil & filter just to see if that helped. Nope!
Any thoughts on repair or just get rid of it. I'm caught on whether to just cut my losses and move or repair?
CP: Broke down in Ohio.
January 5, 2013.

I would consider a used motor. Repairing it would be an open estimate and it would be expensive.

Check around for a used motor and see what you feel about pricing.

Whether you keep it or not is a personal choice


I would suspect a failed piston wrist pin
It’s a noise maker no effect on compression (no misfiring, no check engine)
and no loss in oil pressure

It sounds like you have a rod or main bearing that is bad. If the vehicle is in nice shape, it may be worth fixing. It may have spun a bearing.

Jan 5, 2013.