1997 Cadillac SLS • V8 FWD Automatic • 83,000 miles

My 1997 cadillac sls 4.6L northstar has been overheating. I've replaced the t-stat, fan relays, flushed the system and refilled with the sealant pellets as required, and changed the ECT. Also as an HVAC service tech I've tested every circuit of the cooling system. Both fans are not coming on all the time when the a/c is running. Which leads me to believe a possible PCM problem. Such as not completing the circuit to make both fans run. They do run if the a/c is set to come on when the engine is first started, but when you turn the a/c off then back on only the driver's side fan runs. HELP! This is driving me crazy.

July 23, 2011.

Reading it sounds like the PCM

Jul 23, 2011.
Ck. The codes and troubleshoot by codes set.

Jul 24, 2011.
It's not throwing any codes codes other than an overtemp code. I am going to bypass the PCM with a switch circuit to allow the relay to switch the fan current.

Jul 24, 2011.
Are u receving power to the inop. Fan relay?

Aug 8, 2012.