1997 Cadillac El Dorado • 142,000 miles

98 cadillac eldorado
started losing brake fluid / just kept filled /one day had big puddle of fluid
seemed to be leaking at booster and master cylinder bolts
replaced master cylinder and booster from a used from 97 Seville
sprung a lead on brake line while bleeding brakes repaired no leaks.
have good brake petal and brakes will work but will not grab bearely stop car. The computer at dash says I have a vacuum leak. Booster has two hoses the one on top swivels on a rubber gasket (seems like last one turned to notch and came out ) put tape around it to try to seal better and see if that was my problem didnt help. Checked the two hoses no cracks.
December 4, 2011.

Try rebleeding the master cylinder and then bleed the system all over again and see what happens

Dec 4, 2011.
I just filled master and bleed brake is this what you had in mind -pushing petal to floor till I got solid stream. Starting a back wheels. Is there a way to test booster to make sure I is working

Dec 5, 2011.
While engine is off-pump breaks a few times hold it in and start the car you foot should sink in a bit if its working

Dec 5, 2011.
Youll need to check the vacuum to the booster with a gauge if
anything is leaking it need to be replaced. And start bleeding the master cyl. And then the brakes. Dont release the peddle with the bleeder is open.

Dec 8, 2011.