1997 Buick Park Avenue • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 170,000 miles

I have a 1997 Park Ave that blows out hot/warm air on the driver's side and ice cold air on the passenger's side. What could be causing this?
December 18, 2010.

Check to see I f your actuators are getting power and working. I've enclosed a pic to show what they look like. It's not your car but it'sclose so you'll get the idea.

Dec 19, 2010.
I have checked these as best I could and they appear to be working. They do move from floor to dash to defrost as they are supposed to. I'm having trouble understanding the air flow and how 1 fan could give 2 independent air streams (driver’s compartment and passenger compartment/back seat) that could be different temps. Reading the owners manual, the suspect the passenger dual air temp control is involved. There must be something to adjust the temp independently but I haven't figured out where to check this. Can you help? Thanks.

Dec 23, 2010.
If they are working they will either be getting power or not. If they are getting power then your actuator is bad, if they aren't then tne control unit is sending the signal. Try pullling the fuse for about 3o-60 seconds and it may reset. If not have apro check it out.

Dec 24, 2010.