1997 Acura CL • 198,977 miles

I have a 1997 Acura CL 2.2 prem 5 sp manual. The car will start but the engine reves up an down an sometimes runs or stalls. When I try to drive the car is bucks an stalls. I have replaced the dist cap an rotor. New plugs, had the coil an ignition modual in Dist. Chaecked they paseed like 15 tests each. This happened once before an thats why I chaenged the Dist cap an rotor think it fix it, but it has progress to this.

I looked for vacuum leaks - NONE all electrical conectors cleaned an plugged tight
October 3, 2012.

Start with fuel pressure check.

Make sure the coolant level is correct. The coolant sensor is very sensitive to this


If coolant level is correct, check for clogged coolant hoses to the cold start valve and IAC.

If the idling speed is too high, which causes surging symptoms described, the idle adjust screw could have worked itself loose. Turn it in to lower the idling speed.

Oct 3, 2012.