1996 Toyota Corolla • 265,000 miles

I have 1996 corolla 1.8 it is overheating, I changed the radiator brand new, changed all the hoses from rad. To engine and from engine to rad. (Big and small hoses all 8 hoses), changed the thermostat and made sure it is opening before installing (put it in hot boiling water and watched it opening), water pump should be working, it is 2 years old but I did a small test: (I turned the engine on, opened the rad. Cap, pressed gas hard and saw the water is moving and bubbling in the rad. Which mean the pump is moving the water).
What else could be? It is still overhearing.
Please help.
July 2, 2013.

Is cooling fan operating?

Jul 2, 2013.
The bubbling is troubling. That could mean that you have head gasket issues. I would start out by removing al the spark plugs and pressure testing the cooling system for a long period of time.

Jul 2, 2013.
Fan is working permanently.

Jul 2, 2013.