1996 Toyota Corolla • 154,000 miles

I just recently bought a 1996 toyota corolla dx 5 speed while it was running I had a thick black smoke shooting from my exhuast I would stop at a red light and itt would stall id stop att a stop sign an itt would stall with out the clucth beein touched I could start the car back up drive too another red light and itt would stall again I parked my 96 toyota corolla and later tryed too start itt itt would not start I checked fuses spark plugs timming belt bought a new throttle body posistion sencor still did not want to start so I tryed changeing the oil for the second time in two weeks my oil was 2 weeks old and when I drained itt itt was completly black like charcoal I then smelled the oil and itt smelled like gasoline so some how my gas is mixing with the oil any suggestions would help really need my car on the road
April 1, 2013.

Could be a open or failed injector. Have them checked to be sure.