1996 Toyota Corolla • 212,000 miles

1996 Toyota Carolla DX with auto trans.
212000 miles
Oil Leak, had top gaskets(head, crank)?
possible rear\front seals.
loosing about a quart every 500 miles, more at highway speed
Engine runs excellent and strong. Trans has no problems,
Had estimate to pull engine and replace rear seals @ $800.00 usd.
is it worth it?
will trans be ok after reinstall?
I would like to get another 100000 out of it and be road worthy.
What would you do?
And what will go up next?
January 8, 2013.

Dont'want much lol. Clean engine off with a power car woash so you can see where leak is. Normally at this mileage seals are worn out and hard. Newseals normally are alot softer and as long as crank isn't wonr where seals ride will take care of problem. Cant give an estimate if it will be road worhthy though for another 100,000 it's old and things will break/wear out

Jan 8, 2013.