1996 Toyota Celica • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 202,000 miles

My Toyota celica 96 1.8l EFI surges when reaching 2600 to 3500 rpms. It will clear up after that rpm range and run great up to that rpm range. I have completely replaced Plugs, Wires, cap, rotor, coil, fuel filter, OS sensors, and now dont know where to go from here. I have 180 lbs in each cly. Could the EGR valve be giving me this issue or injectors?

Michael Spell
January 15, 2011.

Make sure the fuel pressure is within spec. Also, check the crank sensor.

I have changed the Crank sensor and had the car put on a diagnostic in a shop and they tell me the computer is cuting back the fuel -7% at ideal and -14% when accelorating. Also put a new air filter on the car and I know that this doesnt matter much but just want to give all that I have done on the car so far.

Michael Spell
Jan 22, 2011.