1996 Toyota Camry • 200,000 miles

Hi I have a 1996 toyota camry sedan, the motor is a 5sfe 2.2 litre, it has a leaking frost plug and I guess its best to replace all of them. My main question is does the engine have to be pulled out to do this on this particualr car? I am obtaining some quotes to do this and would like to be able to estimate a reasonable labour rate. Or I may do it myself as the job is actually simple if I can access all the plugs. This isnt covered in my haynes manual unfortunately. Many thanks. Rob
Robert Pike
November 21, 2012.

When one leaks, there is a possibility others are not in good condition but I would not replace all of them if possible, unless they are leaking. If you want to replace all, then the engine has to come out. There are plugs in between the engine and transmission. Others are mostly along the side of engine block and cylinder head.

I would only replace those along the same line from where the leak is coming from and nnot remove the engine to do that.

Nov 21, 2012.