1996 SAAB 900

Sir, could you tell about 1996 Saab 900 the suspension system parts of the left-hand(steering on left side) and right-hand types have the same spare parts set. I mean the component parts are the same but differ in calling - driver or passenger side. If this is true then we can say the right side or the left side instead of driver and passenger which may be a confusion thing.
Please make me clear. Thank you very much.
October 10, 2012.

Can you upload a picture?

Sorry, the pictures of the two are differ in a longer hand(I not sure in exact name) of the arm end, the longer one is for left side while the other site said driver side(45 43 450) and for the right side is 45 43 468, correct? Another difference should be the angle of inner arms.
For my opinion, the company will not make more part numbers for the same part, it rather clever to make to use with another model. Thank you for your next advice.

Oct 11, 2012.