1996 Nissan Maxima • 357,000 miles

1996 nissan maxima will not start. The check engine light is not on. It started cutting out then dies, now it's like its not getting fire. I changed the camshaft position sensor, the plugs, one ingition coil pack, fuel pump, and one of the crankshaft position sensor. I need my car but it is costing too much money to keep guessing. Please help
October 8, 2011.

Are you getting spark and fuel to the engine? Will it start for a few seconds with starting fluid?

I haven't used starting fluid to start it. Fuel is coming to the engine. Not sure how to check if it is sparking. Mechanic said it was the 3 things I changed, fuel pump camshaft and crankshaft sensors. Haven't changed the 2nd crankshaft sensor as I am tapped out on funds. It is the larger sensor under the breather

Oct 8, 2011.
Before spending any more money, we need to determine a couple things. First, it would be very odd for the engine to lose both spark and fuel at the same time. Thus, chances are at least one of the parts you replaced wasn't needed. What I need you to do is check for both. It is not hard to do. Go to our homepage under the DIY section for directions. For checking fuel pump pressure, there are both directions and a video. For checking spark, there are directions. Let me know what you find. If you can, see if it will start with starting fluid. If it does, that will tell me that it is getting spark and it is a fuel related issue. (It is a quick way to determine if there is spark)

Thats the same trouble my son is dealing with but the car cranks over fast has spark has fuel has compression he replaced all sensors now has a crank sensor code pop up after replacing both crank sensors

Feb 24, 2012.