1996 Mitsubishi Montero • 190,000 miles

I had a fuse that would blow when I moved the fan switch past the second position. Not right away, but eventually. Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours.

Now the fan does nothing regardless of the switch position and the fuse is NOT blown. The rear defroster does not work either.
October 30, 2012.

Is it fuse # 3 in instrument panel fuse box that is blowing? This fuse is for the defogger as well.

Oct 30, 2012.
Yes, it is the number three and I was wrong, it IS still blowing. It is okay if I use the fan in the first or second position, but in the third or fourth position it still will blow the fuse.

I just replaced the number three and it is working. (I had recently removed the turn signal fuse because my turn signal was stuck on 'left' and I mistakenly replaced that fuse when the fan quit, thinking from memory that that was the fuse for the fan motor/rear defogger).

On a different note, is there any way to upgrade the blower on these? My windows fog terribly in the winter and the blower seems very underpowered.

Oct 30, 2012.
Attached are the schematics for the A/C. Since the fuse is blowing only when the setting is at a higher speed, I would suspect a faulty switch. Turn A/C switch off to allow blower to work with compressor off and move the speed lever to a higher speed to test if the fuse breaks.

For the blower motor, it could be a failing motor, leaking air passages under the dash or clogged cabin filter (if equipped)

Oct 31, 2012.