1996 Lexus LS 400

I just got done fixing the rear driver side tie rod in then I place there tire back on the car once it on I've lower the Jack all the down but it seem like the wheel look bent downward so am guessing it the axle that also need replacing. Well anyways I drove the car forward half way out of the driveways then I decided to put the car in reverse knowing the rear axle is bent. While in reverse gear it was making a grinding noise n the car didn't move so I decided to put the car bacc in drive the same sound occur n the car wouldn't move. So I put the gear in park or nutro the sound went away n everytime I put it in any other gear the grinding sound come bacc n the car won't move. So I told my buddy to check where the sound is coming from he told me it's coming from the front around the transmission Area. I really need an advice on what can be the problem.
November 12, 2012.

Most likely tha CV shaft is dislodged.

Nov 12, 2012.