1996 Isuzu Rodeo • 150,645 miles

I just replaced the IAC motor and drove it for about 1 hour and then 3 hours later drove it for 2 minutes down the road and turned it off to go intside and 10 minutes and then drove back home when I turned off A/C the idle went high again. What is wrong now. I thought that would fix it. Hope you can help.
August 31, 2011.

It sounds like the IAC is still not working properly. Check wiring to it to make sure nothing is damaged or corroded. Also, you may have gotten a bad one, so you may want to take it back for a new one again.

I agree with Jacobandnickolas about the IAC.

Did you adjust the base idle?
Did you check the coolant level?

Aug 31, 2011.