1996 Honda Civic • 120,000 miles

I am working on my friends Honda civic, I replaced a water pump ( pain in the ass) well I took it for a test drive and it has some issues, 1 it idles way to low, at about 1-200 rpm 2nd when you accelerate rapidly it doesn't do anything, if you do it slowly it takes a while to build engine speed, ( in neural) when in gear it takes almost a minute to even get to 2000 rpm after that it accelerates normaly, then it red lines before shifting gears, I checked on of the plugs and the spark was orange, I pulled the air filter and it seemed to not be getting enough gas, I can think of three things it could be, fuel, electrical or transmission, but I need help determining what it could be, PLEASE HELP!
September 17, 2012.

Timing belt is off a tooth or two. Be real careful. I had to guess at the engine size. I picked the 1.6L and that is an "interference" engine meaning if the timing belt is off enough teeth and you force the crankshaft to turn by hand or crank the engine, you will bend valves and cause a real expensive repair to be needed.

Sep 17, 2012.
Get a timing light to check the ignition timing. If it is off by too much after the water pump replacement, caradiodoc guessed right.

Sep 17, 2012.