1996 Ford Thunderbird • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 145,000 miles

1996 Ford Thunderbird SC mileage: 145,000. My Thunderbird super coupe has all wheel disc ABS. The motor to the actuator is not charging. The wires to the motor are only showing a half a volt when I tested them. In fact, all of the wires I checked to the ABS under the hood only had about a half volt. Someone drained the brake fluid completely and then filled it up. That's when they said the problem started. I read in a book that if the pressure switched is replaced, you must replace the pump motor relay. Maybe the loss of fluid caused that pressure switch to go bad which popped the relay. Where could the pump motor relay be? The dealer wire diagram says on "RH of dash on relay bracket" along with the ABS modular relay. I can't find this. All I found was the brain to the car. The computer to the ABS control in the trunk has power. If you can help me locate this relay or know what the problem is I would greatly appreciate it.

January 21, 2011.

The relay is located on the firewall on the passenger side. Be prepared, you may have to replace the entire ABS unit to get proper function

Jan 21, 2011.