1996 Ford Ranger • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 75,000 miles

1996 Ford Ranger XLT mileage: 75,000. When my lights are turned on the right blinker light comes on at the dash and the turn signal lights on the right side of the truck stay on (not blinking). When the lights are on the right turn signal does not blink. When the lights are off the turn signal works but all the dashboard lights flash as well as the clock/radio station light. Do I have a Bad ground or is it the flasher? I have been to several auto parts stores to switch out the flasher but I cannot seem to find one. If it is a bad ground how can I find where it is or how can I fix this annoying problem?

February 2, 2011.

Check, the tail light/stop light bulbs and front turn bulbs. It could be that the wrong bulb was installed in one of these locations. A bulb with a single contact will "back feed" the circuit that requires a double contact bulb.

Feb 2, 2011.
If what 2carpros said dont fix the lights then it needs a new headlight module, but its for sure back feeding.