1996 Ford Probe • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 98,350 miles

Good morning. Help! We changed our daughters starter in a 1996 ford probe wow what a job that was, but it start hooray, now when we put it in gear and start out its okay for a few hundred feet then it starts to rev real high the rpms go up and down crazily then it stalls out. If we let it sit an idle its ok for a few minutes then the idle goes up then down the stalls. Any ideas we need to send her back to college soon and money is extremly tight so we are trying to get to the source and don't know where to start
thank you for your help
July 15, 2011.

Recheck components around the area where work was performed.
Look out for dislodged hoses (vacuum leakages), disconnected wires etc.

Is the Check Engine Light indicating?

Jul 15, 2011.
Thank you for answering. The engine light was on for months before this starter issue it needs an oxygen sensor that my husband hasn't put on yet LOL. I went out this morning and checked all connections and hoses, the big black air cover is loose because - someone whom shall remain nameless- but male - broke the snaps
this morning I started it and let it idle for a while about two minutes then wnt under the hood and pushed on the gas throttle and it stalled I repeated the steps and agian push on the throttle under hood and it did the same thing stalled out and I noticed it almost sounded like suffacated, sorry about the terminology. I am much better with children
any ideas
thank you

Jul 15, 2011.
The CEL indicating does not necessarily mean the O2 sensor is bad. Additonal codes could be present and I would suggest getting a scan done to check if there are any other trouble codes.

Most parts stores provides free scanning services. Let me know the EXACT trouble code if any found.

The air cleaner cover being loose could be the cause of the problem.
VAF ( volume air flow ) sensor is attached to it and any vibrations can cause erratic readings.

Jul 15, 2011.