1996 Ford Mustang • 14,000 miles

I am working on a 96 mustang 3.8. I found out that ford had a recall on this year and model due to blown head gaskets. Do you know if the gaskets were blowing in this car because of a bad engine designe or was it a bad gasket design? I ask this because I am about to replace the gaskets but I wanted to know if these gaskets were just going to blow out as well. Thanks

September 14, 2011.

No recall that I could find at all to do with this.

Tsb about sealers, straightening checking and such but thats it.

You have a 15 year old car that may have been overheated more than once causing the failure. I am sure when you get it apart, you will see what happened. I would stick to oem gaskets to be sure of any updates.
Make sure you check the rad for restriction when you are done.


Sep 14, 2011.