1996 Ford Contour • 6 cylinder •

I need to know how to change my alternator and serpentine belt.
December 2, 2010.

1. Disconnect the battery ground cable, then disengage the alternator drive belt from the alternator pulley.
2. Raise and support the vehicle, then remove the righthand wheel and tire.
3. Remove the righthand outer tie rod end from righthand spindle.
4. Remove exhaust system Y pipe as follows: 1. Remove the front and rear Y pipe flange fasteners from the exhaust manifolds.
2. Remove the stud bolt and nut retainer from the oil pan, then remove the two remaining nuts and bolts from U pipe outlet connection.
3. Discard the exhaust converter inlet gasket, then remove the Y pipe.

5. Disconnect wire harness attachments to integral alternator/voltage regulator, then remove the alternator brace bolts from the alternator.
6. Remove the righthand halfshaft.
7. Remove the alternator bolts from bracket, then rotate the alternator and remove it through the righthand side of the vehicle.
8. Remove the bracket bolts and bracket from the cylinder block.
9. Reverse the procedure to install, noting the following: 1. Torque the alternator bracket bolts to 15-22 ft lb.
2. Torque the alternator bolts to 29-40 ft lb.
3. Torque the alternator brace bolts to 15-22 ft lb.
4. Torque the output terminal nut to 6.7-8.1 ft lb.

There you go.

Dec 2, 2010.
Not to easy need to remove right wheel, fender splash shield, ite rod from knuckle, belt, bracket, rear brace, then wiring

Dec 2, 2010.