96 1500

1996 Dodge Ram • 5.9L V8 RWD Automatic • 180,000 miles

I have a 96 dodge ram 1500 and it just started giving me some problems. I went to pull away from a stop sign and at first it wouldnt move then it slowly made its way about a 100 feet. I stopped and when I tried to move again there was nothing. The rpms go up but the wheels wont budge. At one point the truck rocked slightly but thats it. I shut it off and started it again and it makes a whining noise untill I try to put it in any gear and it goes away. Something smelt hot but the fluids are fine, engine temp, and no burnt smell in the transmission fluid. I had the transmission solenoid replace about a month ago and they said the tranny was fine. Any ideas? Transmission relay perhaps? The rpms change slightly like normal between gears. Its an automatic by the way
January 12, 2014.

Have a trans guys scan for codes see if he can find anything out of the normal.

Jan 14, 2014.