1996 Dodge Neon • 130,000 miles

My neon is stalling while in drive first did only when I turned right now its anytime after i'm driving a while?First I got a fuse replaced and the car was OK for a while, than it started stalling again so a crank sensor was just replaced however problem is still there?, Now my mechanic wants to replace the computer? I read that this problem is common, however nowhere on the advice sites I read pertaining to this very common problem did anyone advise to put in a new computer "Please help" I really don't think the mechanic know what the hell he's doing! Should I tell him not to do that? If not, I live in Westchester county, NY, maybe whoever is reading this can advise me where to take my beloved little NEON as it seems like only a dodge mechanic would know what to do?
October 24, 2012.

Do you have a check engine light or has come on and go and when was last tune-up. Go to this link and review it:

Oct 24, 2012.