1996 Chrysler Concorde • 122,000 miles

I just replaced the (tps) throttle positioning sensor when I first replaced it I installed it incorrectly. Which made the car rev up almost in the red once started I quickly. Turned the car off and checked the sensor to find out it was installed incorrectly I fixed then started the car it started and ran and idled correctly I then noticed the check engine. Light was on so I went to autozone to have it checked they told me it was because of replacing the censor. So they reset the code at that time the power. Vsteering pump started squealling and some started coming fro under the hood close to the fire wall we tuned the car off and checked power steering resovoir and found it empty we looked under the car and found a pool of power steering fluid. We checked all hoses and found none damaged I then refilled it and checked for leaks and found none what could have caused this?
January 24, 2013.

Rack and pinion may be leaking out of the boots.

Have a shop check it on a lift


Jan 24, 2013.