1996 Chevrolet Silverado • 174,400 miles

Hello thanks for your time. I am not cery car savvy. That being said, I have fixed a few things on my truck but this issue I believe to be beyond my realm. So here goes.
I have a 1996 silverado 4wd pickup. I went to drive today and the truck would not shift into 3rd gear. At around 30 mph, it would spike in RPMs and would sound like it was working overtime and wouldn't shift.
I came home and checked the fluid and it was really low. Added fluid (2qts) and now it will actually shift into 3rd, but not all the time and the RPMs still spike to around 3500 I believe.
If it actually does shift into 3rd, then it will NOT shift to the next gear. I could not make it go above 50 mph. What is the deal here? Any help would be much appreciated. Service engine light on. Thanks!
February 17, 2013.

First, we need the code for the light.

It sounds like you have an internal failure in the trans it may have to come out to be inspected.

Lets start with the code.


Feb 17, 2013.
Ok. So do I need it scanned then I guess?

Feb 17, 2013.