1996 Chevrolet Silverado • 130 miles

Hello to all I have a question about a noise that is coming fr thee engine it is like a ticking/rattling noise. Im not sure what this is I ruled out many possibilities such as a spun bearing either that or or a crank bearing. When this noise fist started the truck instantly lost power while driving down the road.I searched and searched and still cant come up with any leads to my problem. One of things that I did notice is the #5 cly valve lifter was not pumping like the other lifters were so could this be a stuck lifter etc. Another possiblilty im thinking is the injectors I checked the injectors and found that the rear injectors were soaked in fuel as for the the #1 and 2 cyl were dry as a bone but all the others were soaked. I need to no which possibilty this could that I told u about.
i can send you a video of this sound if youd like. Thanks to all
September 17, 2011.

This is a tough one. Based on your description, it sounds like you have a collapsed lifter. If that happens, #5 won't run if the valves aren't opening. As far as the injectors, if they are dumping too much fuel, check fuel pressure and regulator to make sure they are working and within spec.

Ok today I took off thee the intake to expose the all the lifters (they are roller lifters) and found out that as I turned the crank by hand that the #5 exhaust lifter made a clicking or taping noise but it seemed to move freely only thing is it made the clicking noise so could this mean I have a worn bearing on that particular cylinder and for the injectors I noticed that number 5 and 7 cyl were glued at the top cuz the clips that were holding them down were missing. Thanks

Sep 18, 2011.
Check closely at the rocker towers to make sure nothing is cracked. If you hear a clicking, something is sticking or broken.