1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo • 170,000 miles

I had a shop owner and his mechanic come to my house and check my car before we took it in to see what problem was. They advised is was the transmission. After discussing with my husband we decided to have trans replaced because I love this old car! They towed veh in and it stayed there for 8 weeks! Well they called and advised 2 stories. First they said they installed transmission and the engine blew up in shop so now it needs an engine. My husband told me this and then called back a few days later and was told they had put in transmission and driven car around and the engine blew up. I dont know what to believe! My question is how much of this huge bill should I pay? Car is still not driveable and now needs an engine! Engine was running when it left my home on tow truck. Should they be responsible for engine?
January 9, 2013.

What I would suggest is to discuss having them pay part of the bill since the engine was fine when it left.