1996 Chevrolet Astro • 110,000 miles

My car will die at any time, any weather, any speed. Reoccurring more frequently. All dash lights come on. Loose power steering. Car will restart mins to hours later. Have taken it to multiple shops with no answers. Fuel pump has adequate pressure. Fuel filter changed, relay changed, manifold sensor changed. Please help
April 3, 2012.

When it doesn't restart, you need to check for spark and fuel to the engine.

Does it sound like a wiring issue to you? Considering they have no been able to diagnose it at the mechanics?

Apr 3, 2012.
It could be many things. That is why I need to know which is missing when the engine doesn't start, spark or fuel pressure. To make it easy, carry some starting fluid with you. If the car dies, see if it will start using starting fluid. If it does, even if it is only for a few seconds, then it is a fuel related issue. If it doesn't start, then you need to check the plugs for spark. If there is no spark, it could be a crank sensor, coil, wiring.

Hello dyaw,
Check the connection on the pump outside of the fuel tank. Use a magnifying glasses and look for one of the pins on the connection to be little brown. This is the one of the fuel pump terminals which does not have constant connection to the female connector. Use a big needle and bend the female connector in the way to increase the pressure to the male part using the glasses. Do the same to all of the rest. Do not replace the fixed harness. Use shrink wrapping poly from the kitchen as a rope - 8-12inches to hold the two parts constantly together. Start laughing - you problem was solved.

Apr 8, 2012.