1995 Volkswagen Polo • 117,500 miles

My '95 vw polo is making a horrendous screaming noise and grinding noise, its had a leaking power steering rack since iv owned it (7months) it started needing topping once a day for 2months, then it must have sealed itself as for the next few months it didnt need topping up but was still screaming now and again so I just put a little dribble in and it would be fine again but now I have top up every 3miles to stop the screaming and make it so I can steer but the grinfing noise from what sounds like coming from steering wheel? Is there permanantely. Also the rear suspension has made a knocking noise for last couple months but the last 3days its a permanant knocking, banging, squeak and a horrible creaking noise, if you just jolt the steering slightly the creaking is really bad. Do you think iv knackered the steering completely and the rear suspension? I dont really want to scrap her coz the engine an gearbox are great and the bodyworks just got a few minor scrapes on bumpers and a few c/park dings to be expected with age and mileage (117, 500). Your help would be very much appreciated. Jay.
September 19, 2012.

It is hard to say if it is safe not seeing it. Based on your description, I would have things checked ASAP.