1995 Volkswagen Golf • Manual •

Ok, so I didn't use my car for 3 days because it was raining, I have an old 95 gti golf. So I get up to use it this morning, and find out that it has some trouble starting, but it does. I go on for a bit only to find out it stalls. Now I find out it weird, go on a bit, and after hitting some gaz after being idle, I stall again. Now I tested out a bit in the neighborhood, and it was the same all over. I finally went home, to check it out a bit. Now I can't even start the car, it just does a weird noise from the engine sometimes, and when I put some gaz, there's a gunshot sound that comes from the exhaust.

P.S, I changed my tires and oil 3 days ago, but I used it after and it was OK. Today there was blue smoke coming from the exhaust, but apparently it's normal, because it eats a lot of oil.
May 29, 2011.

Check the fuel pressure with a gauge if its within specs if okay-start checking the ignition system for a snapping blue spark on all sparkplug wires-

May 29, 2011.