1995 Toyota Pickup • 17,900 miles

Wipers stopped working in 1995 Toyota pick up 22 re, Hi guys hope you can help me, I checked the fuses in the kick panel all good, then went to the engine fuse box behind the battery and found the one marked DOME was blown, 15 amp, so I go to replace it with the same size fuse it sparked a bit, but took it and my radio came on, and my radio is set up to work with key on the ignition, so I pulled the radio out and disconnected it, then tried to replace the 15 amp fuse didn't spark, okay I will run the radio to the battery on its own circuit , But still no wipers, I have a test light and turned the key on and flipped the lever for wipers on position and probed the electrical connector for the wiper motor nothing and I don't have intermittent wipers which has a relay, all I can think its the wiper switch on the steering column, any help here guys

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December 13, 2011.

The wiper switch tends to go around the age and mileage you have on your vehicle. You can always probe wires to switch for 12 volts to see if it is indeed switch.

Okay went to the switch on strering colum, nothing no power I even had the wiper switch I stripped off my 89 yoda( worked when pulled ) which are the same and no dice and tested that with the light and nothing no power, I did test the socket and only got power and the horn sounded any idea; s, thx

Dec 13, 2011.
I am giving you a bunch of wiring diagrams where there are power circuits/fuses and s that are shared with the wiper circuit, dome light and radio. The ground is G200 and G300, so check it for corrosion and a clean tight connection. Look through diagrams and power distribution to check all powr wires that coudl short the circuit you arre having problems with and the other circuits that were affected by that.