1995 Toyota Corolla • 100,000 miles

Ok I have a 1995 toyota corolla "japanese version" recently I had my engine head repaired I got a New head gasket, New Radiator, new water pump, new thermostat, new radiator cap, I even replace all of my hoses. When the car was completed it was running excellent but after driving it for a while, it will start making this rattling sound like its running hot, but when I stop and I check the car everything seems to be fine the radiator has coolant, the hoses are not leaking coolant I mean the car isnt leaking coolant at all even My fan was working fine, so what I did I take out my thermostat and I didnt put a one in after I did that I didnt hear the noise no more but two days later while I was driving the noise came back again and it will only make the rattling noise after I drive the car for an hour? I juz dont understand? Could my engine head be causing all this trouble?
September 8, 2012.

Did u send the head out to be checked for cracks?

Sep 8, 2012.
What is the temperature reading?
Where is the rattling noise coming from? It could be a failing fan that has excessive movement of the armature.

Reinstall the thermostat. Fuel injected engines needs it to run correctly. If you have a problem, removing the thermostat is not going to stop it.

You mentioned no more coolant losses, so why do you think it is overheating?

Sep 9, 2012.