1995 Toyota Camry

Started my car early one morning to warm it up it run for 3 to 4 min and it started skipping and running rugged smoothed out run for about a 1 min or 2 then started running rough again and shut off. I tried to restart the car but it would only turn over and not run, so I waited a few min 5 to 10 or so and tried it again. It delayed while turning key over but finally crunk up drove it 2.5 miles and it tried shutting off again I then placed one foot on brake and other on accelerator to keep car going which was about 8 miles further parked the car and all it will do is just turn over when key is turned to crank the car. Checked the fuel line at the filter outbound side which had pressure and was getting fuel up to motor. Checked for broken or damaged lines around the engine and found a 17mm nut that had backed off of the tubing at the bottom of the EGR value which connected to the side of the motor.
December 17, 2012.

Did you check for sparks?
Did you retighten the loose nut?

Dec 17, 2012.
Yes, but would it have an affect on the performance of the motor (the nut coming loose)

Country bumpkin
Dec 17, 2012.
I am not sure what nut you are refering to but if it results in vacuum or exhaust leakages, it can affect performance. However it should not affect non starting.

Dec 18, 2012.