1995 Subaru Legacy • 222,600 miles

95 Subaru Legacy 2.2L wagon:

When turning extreme left or right it shudders and jerks and feel that it is going to stop?
going straight or turning at 123 O'clock either side it is good.

What could be the problem, kindly help me resolve this turning problem please. Thank you !
Subie 95
June 17, 2012.

Sounds like a cv joint is locking up on turns. You need to have them checked to verify


Jun 17, 2012.
The CV's and the boots are in good shape no klacking noises.

I am just guessing, if the boots and CV joints are good, would their be any problem in front diffrential, tranny or rack and pinion as my suby is AWD. What does your experience say.

Do you know any subaru specialist in Alexandria VA 22306 who could look in to it and help me resolve my problem. I am addicted to my suby.

Thanks for your quick answer.

Subie 95
Jun 19, 2012.