1995 Subaru Legacy

95 subaru legacy turns over strong but fuel pump doesnt turn on and there is no spark. Had full tune up. New fuel pump and relay. OBD II scanner also is not working. Have replaced every relay that has to do with fuel and ignition. Any ideas.
March 5, 2012.

The OBD II scanner not working is odd. Is the connector bad. It makes me think that the computer, ECU may be bad. You can use this site to find rebuilt ones from reputable dealers with search engine.

I am giving you a link to a diagnostic walk through to eliminate other posibilites.

Follow this link;

Ya the port was working fine before the car quite running. Last thing I have replaced was the ecu and was no change. I know the cat. Fell off and was bouncing along the ground with the o2 sensor still attached. Could this have any effect.

Mar 5, 2012.
Not the affect you are having. I am going to give you a diagnostic walk through to help with other possibilities, but without the OBD port it makes things rather tough.
Just follow this link;

Ok so it seems I wasnt recieving enough compression. Placed crank at TDC and found both cams not lined up telling me the belt jump. If this is true would this have been the reason for not only no spark but also prevent the fuel pump to turn on?

Mar 8, 2012.
It could be. You might have what is called an, "Interference" engine. This is a safety featyre on some cars that shuts the engine down if the timing belt fails. This keeps the valves from getting hit into the pistons. It is usually for complete failure. However, if the cranshaft paostion sensor can tell it is out of time with the camshaft postion sensor it will shut down to save the engine. The engine thinks the timing belt is failing, which it has if the valves hit the pistons and has bent the valves. It did not get to stop the rotation in time as inertia kept the cams spinning from the weight of the crankshaft or if the engine was cranked over afterwards, that would have damaged it.