1995 Subaru Legacy • 4 cylinder AWD • 213,000 miles

At 213,000 miles car develops a severe miss on #1 & #2 cylinders (per computer code P0302-P0301) when under power at 30-60 mph. Check engine light blinks during the engine miss, then miss stops and light stays on. Car behaves normally afterwards and then sequence repeats itself on another day. Car has recently begun to do this on flat & level road when previously only on a hill or slope when under power at 30-60 mph.
What is causing this? What is the remedy since the car will now do this at any time.
December 11, 2010.

If its still misfireing I would have a compression test done on this sounds like you have a couple of bad valves. If the compression test is good and still is misfireing I would start with spark plugs, the wires till you find the problem it would be the cheepest way of doing it.

Dec 15, 2010.
Have you noticed any coolant consumption or oil leaks? Head gaskets are a common issue.

Not that common on a 2.2 which this would be

Jan 2, 2011.