1995 Saturn SL2 • 234,000 miles

We replaced the clutch in our 95 Saturn SL 3 years ago. It has ran fine until these last 2 weeks. At first it became hard to shift, specifically into first and reverse, so it was assumed I was just missing the gears. I've driven a 5 speed for 13 years, I have the hang of it and I knew that wasn't it. The next week it started to affect all gears and I had to use two hands to shift, having to use heavy force to get the shifter to move. This week, it's practically impossible for it to shift into any gear, I was advised to start pumping the clutch as I shifted just to make it home; that worked about 3 times, it doesn't work at all and if you CAN get it into third it makes a grinding noise as it shifts. It never did that until today when the whole thing finally quit working. Very bad timing for this to happen, I have been out of work for 3 years and I was just offered a position 3 hours from home and I need to be able to make it there! Any DIY help is appreciated, this car is not worth going to a shop, it needs a good band-aid til I get my taxes.
November 15, 2012.

To me sounds like a clutch assembly problem-try bleeding it and see what happens

Nov 15, 2012.